Real Estate in Charleston
John G. Foscolos

Choosing an Agent

I would love the opportunity to help you find the perfect Charleston, SC home. You may be wondering why it’s so important to have a real estate agent. Well…

  1. Real estate transactions are complicated, and include a myriad of forms, documents, reports, policies, deeds and statements. I am a seasoned professional and have a comprehensive understanding of every step in the process.
  2. Finding and then completing the purchase of a home is time consuming. Just closing the transaction after an offer is accepted usually takes about 2 months. Ultimate efficiency is my goal in your home search and purchase process.
  3. Real estate has its own language. If you don’t know how to speak it, you’ll be in trouble. I am fluent in Charleston, SC real estate.
  4. Experience. I do this every day. Even if you’ve purchased a home on your own in the past, chances are that laws and requirements have changed since then.
  5. Real estate agents are objective. Buying a home can be a very emotional experience, so it’s important to have someone on your side that is focused not only on your immediate happiness, but on important business aspects as well.

My job is to make you happy not only now, but for years to come. I’m in it for the long haul. Give me a call today.